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You may give acetaminophen drops in the appropriate dose to prevent the fever and irritability. For swelling or soreness put a wet, warm washcloth on the area of the shots as often and as long as needed for comfort. Call your child's healthcare provider if:. Next Visit Your baby's next routine visit should be at the age of 4 months.

At this time your child will get the next set of immunizations. Bring your child's shot card to all visits. Family Medicine. Place your baby in bed on his back.

Baby Care Tips: Learning Tips for 1 Year Olds and Younger

Use a mattress that fits the crib snugly. Keep plastic bags, balloons, and baby powder out of reach. Fires and Burns Never eat, drink, or carry anything hot near the baby or while you are holding the baby. Install smoke detectors. Keep a fire extinguisher in or near the kitchen. Falls Never step away when the baby is on a high place, such as on a changing table. Keep the crib sides up.

Car Safety Never leave a child alone in a car. Use an approved infant car safety seat and follow the instructions for proper use. Parents should always wear seat belts. Smoking Infants who live in a house where someone smokes have more respiratory infections. Their symptoms are also more severe and last longer than those of children who live in a smoke-free home.

If you smoke, set a quit date and stop. Set a good example for your child. If you cannot quit, do NOT smoke in the house or near children.

Caring for baby

Immunizations At the 2-month visit, your baby should have a: DTaP diphtheria, acellular pertussis, tetanus shot Hib Haemophilus influenza type B shot hepatitis B shot polio shot pneumococcal PCV7 shot rotavirus oral vaccine. Call your child's healthcare provider if: Your child has a rash or any reaction other than fever and mild irritability.

You are concerned about the fever. Well Child Care at 2 Months Feeding At this age, your baby needs only breast milk or infant formula to grow healthy and strong.

Newborn Baby Care – Important Tips for Parents

Store clean clothes in the laundry basket — or in stacks on the floor — until you need them. Clean the bathroom with a fresh diaper wipe. Serve cold cereal and peanut butter toast for dinner when you're too tired to prepare a more traditional meal. If you're going stir-crazy with a fussy newborn, take the baby out for a walk. If you can, let someone you trust take over for a while. When friends and loved ones offer to help, take them up on it. Suggest holding the baby, folding the laundry or running a few errands — whatever would help you the most.

Caring for your newborn

Your newborn needs your love and attention, but you won't let your baby down by spending time with others. If you have other children, set aside one-on-one time with each of them. Schedule dates with your partner. Meet a friend for lunch or a movie.

12 Great Tips for Moms with Newborn Babies | Mom

Parenting is a challenge, even on a good day. If you're depressed or you're having trouble adjusting to life with a newborn, consult your health care provider or a mental health provider. Learning to handle the new stress in your life can help you enjoy the riches parenting has to offer. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products.

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